Top 5 ways to make the most out of a small space

I understand that living in a small condo can sometimes be difficult. So, I've decided to put together this list to try and make my readers' lives a little easier and their homes a little more spacious. Give it a read and feel free to share your thoughts!

1. De-clutter where you can

The fastest way to make a small space feel smaller is to leave clutter in crucial areas. If you have shoes obstructing your main entrance or magazines and cookbooks littering your tabletops, you may want to consider a better way to keep your place better organized and clutter-free. 

Make better use of your closet space by using closet organizers, such as shoe racks and coat hooks. Items like these will not only make much better use out of your closet space, it will make you more likely to use your closet instead of your entryway floor. If you don’t have the closet space, consider using coat racks, shoe cabinets or other organizers by your main door.

Furniture that comes with storage compartments, such as storage ottomans and benches, can be an absolute life-saver. Conveniently hide and stow your belongings in these compartments to give your place a neater look. 

2. Use compact furniture

Your furniture can probably lose some weight. When you’re working with a small living space, you must have compact furniture. For instance, A large sectional sofa may not be suitable for your place, instead, try a love seat or even a pair of accent chairs. 

If you’re often doing your work from home and don’t have the space for a big bulky home office desk and chair, try a compact home office set or an expandable office desk. Or you can get creative and pair an accent chair with a console table for the ultimate space-saving work station. 

3. Make more out of less

If you have little room for a kitchen or dining table, consider putting a table against a wall for more space. This may turn a 4 chair table into a 3, but it will do wonders for your kitchen space. A better option may be to consider purchasing expandable kitchen tables that can expand and contract with ease.

Do you often have guests crashing on your living room couch? Try using a sofa bed to make their stay a little more comfortable without sacrificing more space in your living room. You can also make better use of spare rooms, such as dens and home offices, by having them dual as a guest room with the use of a sofa bed and compact office furniture.

If you have absolutely no space for a kitchen table but you do have an island, a set of barstools will give you just what you need. This way you can eat your breakfast on your existing countertop without sacrificing precious kitchen space. 

4. Rearrange

Keep all pathways clear for better traffic flow. You don’t want yourself or your guests bumping into walls and chairs on their way to your living room. Strategically determine the optimal placements of large items. It may help to draw a map of your place to find the best arrangement of your furniture (we’d recommend that you try this before moving around heavy items).

Tip: In your living room, it would be ideal to keep both your media unit and sofa against opposite walls to create more unobstructed space. 

5. Give the illusion of space

Once you’ve opened some more physical space, it’s time to make some adjustments to give your place the illusion of more space. For instance, by hanging large floor-length mirrors in your living space you will be able to add more depth making the room appear as though it is much larger.

By opening your blinds, not only do you add another dimension (the outdoors) to your home but you also allow a lot more light into your place. Since the lack of light often makes a room feel a lot smaller than it actually its, allow as much natural light into your place as you can. To really make the most out of light, use light colours on your walls and floors (off-white rugs, and wall paint will often do the trick). 

September 06, 2016 — Gaurav Nijhawan

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