5 Year Protection Plan

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ACCIDENTS HAPPEN - Protect your investment with Comerco's Gold standard 5 year extended warranty.

  • Coverage against: stains, accidental damage, seam separation, parts and labour, power surges, failure of manual mechanism and defects in hardware or hinges
  • No deductible
  • Full product replacement if parts are unavailable
  • Service is accessible throughout Canada & USA

This offer includes a complete complimentary furniture care kit that consists of:

  • Stain remover for fabric
  • Enzymatic stain remover for fabric (great for pets)
  • Solid surface cleaner
  • Furniture polish for wood, veneer & melamine
  • Care lotion for finished leather
  • Mild shampoo for finished leather
  • Cleaner & UV protector for vinyl, bycast & bonded leather

Please note that in order to be eligible for the 5 year warranty, it must be purchased at the same time as your furniture purchase. The price of the warranty will be based on the total value of your order. Please choose your order value (not including tax or the value of this warranty) from the drop down menu options above.


This document and your purchase invoice state all the dispositions of this Protection Plan (Plan) concluded between the parties. In this Plan, the term Comerco refers to Comerco Services Inc. In the Province of British Columbia, the term Comerco refers to The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada, who is the underwriter of this insurance contract. Outside of British Columbia, this Plan is administered by Comerco Services Inc. Comerco deposits funds in a guarantee trust fund in order to cover future claims. This trust is also bonded in part by an insurance company. Comerco will provide the following services: advice on stain removal, cleaning, repair or replacement of the covered furniture, conditional upon such services being required as a result of accidental staining and/or breakage covered by this Plan and resulting from in-home personal use.


The following damages, parts and costs are excluded under the terms of this Plan:

A) Parts covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
B) Parts or accessories that are normally designed to be replaced periodically such as light bulbs, fuses and batteries.
C) Discoloured coverings after cleaning with water or simple exposure to water, discolouration, yellowing, and deterioration of appearance.
D) Damage caused by wear and tear, such as any peeling, cracking and/or tapering of the furniture covering and abrasion of the furniture’s surface.
E) Alterations in shade or damages following storage, transportation or sun exposure.
F) Faulty or inadequate wiring or connections, remote controls and integrated electronic components, except when covered under the Gold program.
G) Loss or breakage resulting from external causes such as a collision, inadequate weather conditions, fire or flooding.
H) Neglect to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance program, any accumulation of dirt or corrosion, mold, sebum, sweat, bad odours as well as insect and rodent infestation.
I) Misuse and/or abuse, scratches, scrapes and normal wear.
J) Any incidental damage that is not specifically covered by this Plan.
K) Repairs unauthorized by Comerco or repairs done by an unauthorized service centre.
L) Cleaning or replacement of a pair or set of furniture pieces purchased at the same time as the stained or damaged item.
M) Damages caused by animals.
N) Repetitive bodily fluid stains are considered as preventable events and are not covered.
O) Stains and damages caused by intentional activities.
P) Any and all usage of the covered product in a commercial setting.


If In-Home service is not available from an authorized service centre in the area where the covered furniture is located, the Plan holder is responsible for bringing the covered product to the nearest authorized service centre.

In the event it is impossible to remove the stain, or if the furniture requires repairs which are costlier than the actual value of the product, Comerco reserves the right to replace the affected covering(s) or furniture with a similar product of equivalent quality and current availability. Comerco will authorize an in-store credit at a participating Comerco retailer. This credit is equivalent to that of the original furniture, according to the limits of this Plan. The replacement solely applies to the affected item.

Dye lots may vary and furniture could discolour over time. Therefore, it is normal that the colour of replacement coverings or materials used for repair may not fully match the areas not replaced. In the event that the component(s) needed to complete a repair are not available, Comerco’s sole obligation will be to replace the furniture. Comerco is not responsible for any delays and/or loss of use and/or income while the product is under repair.

The maximum liability of the Plan will not exceed the purchase price of the original furniture, as stated on the invoice. Only Comerco products, which were given at the time of purchase, may be used to maintain the validity of the Plan.

Once a product has been replaced, Comerco’s total obligations under this Plan will have been fulfilled and the Plan will become void. If this Plan was purchased for multiple items, the coverage will remain in effect for the remainder of the items which were not replaced.

CANCELLATION: Comerco may cancel the Plan, at its option, at any time, on the basis of A) fraud or misrepresentation, B) commercial or rental use of the product, C) an unauthorized repair of the product, D) negligence to follow manufacturer’s recommended maintenance.

TRANSFERABLE: This Protection Plan is transferable from one owner to another, without charge, by completing the “Protection Plan Transfer Request” online at www.comerco.com/ ownertransfer.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: The British Columbia Financial Institutions Act requires that the information contained in this Disclosure Notice be provided to a customer in writing prior to the customer entering a financial transaction.
1. This transaction is between the Plan holder and The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada.2. In arranging the transaction described above, the dealer, by whom the sales associate is employed, is representing The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada.

3. The nature and extent of the interest of the dealer in The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada is none.
4. The nature and extent of the interest of The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada in the dealer is none.

5. Upon completion of this transaction, the dealer will be remunerated by The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada through a fee paid out of the purchase price of the contract.
6. The Financial Institutions Act prohibits The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada, the dealer and/or the sales associate from requiring the Plan holder to transact additional or other business with the financial institution or any other person or corporation as a condition of this transaction.

Every action or proceeding against an insurer for the recovery of insurance money payable under the contract is absolutely barred unless commenced within the time set out in the Insurance Act.


Accidental stains: In the event of staining, it is important to react as quickly as possible. Gently clean the stained surface as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Should the stain still be present, use the cleaner you received with your purchase and follow the instructions on the bottle. If the stain is still present, please contact Comerco within fourteen (14) days following the stain onset.

Failure or accidental damages: Please contact Comerco within fourteen (14) days following the incident causing the covered defect.

You must provide Comerco with proof of purchase of the Protection Plan and a copy of the original invoice indicating your furniture purchase. It is important these documents are sent to Comerco within thirty (30) days following the initiation of the service call for either a stain, failure or accidental damage. You must send pictures of the stained surface and/or damage.

If necessary, following reception and evaluation of this information, Comerco will send an authorized technician, free of charge, to clean the stained surface or repair the damaged furniture.