How To Upgrade Your Bedroom On A Budget

How To Upgrade Your Bedroom On A Budget

The bedroom is your escape after a hard day's work. So it’s worth putting in the effort to make your bedroom a welcoming, cozy haven. But, nothing kills your makeover plans faster than the word “budget”.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to update your bedroom on a budget without sacrificing style. We’ve put together a few simple ideas below that will help create your dream bedroom, without breaking the bank!

Bed Frames

A bed purchase should be an investment that lasts you for years to come. It's the single most important piece of furniture in your room. BUT that doesn't mean you have to spend an arm and a leg for a great looking quality bed! Word of advice: get a platform bed. They don't require box springs, so all you need is a mattress! 

Click here to shop platform beds under $450.

Blue Platform Bed Frame | Candace & Basil Furniture


Not looking to change your whole bed frame? No worries! Save money by changing the look of your bed with a simple headboard swap.

Beige Tufted Headboard | Candace & Basil Furniture


Buying mattresses online can be tricky and quite risky. That's why we've done the research for you and partnered with Endy Sleep, a Canadian manufacturer of quality mattresses that are shipped to your door for free. They offer a 100 night trial, so if you don't absolutely love your mattress, you can send it back for free (no risk)! Best of all, there's a 10 year warranty, so you can rest assured that you're have a great sleep for at least the next decade to come!



Opt for more affordable nightstands, as these pieces can be changed and updated over time. Small accent tables such as Candace & Basil’s snack tables from $49 are a great cheap alternative to the traditional and expensive bedside tables. All you really need is a small and stylish table around the same height of your bed to hold your phone and maybe a small table lamp.

Snack Table | Candace & Basil Furniture

Bedding, Blankets & Pillows

There's a lot of affordable bedding options available online but finding the best fit for your room will come down to your existing décor. The best part about bedding and linens is that you can use them to easily change the whole look of your room as frequently as you want! We recommend having a set of 3 to 4 duvet covers and shams so you can have a fresh new look every season. For a budget-friendly seasonal change, consider using throw blankets and accent cushions. A well-made bed with throw pillows can serve as art in any room, so if you need a statement piece, it's an easy way to add colours and patterns instantly.

Throw Blankets | Candace & Basil Furniture

Bedroom Accents

With minimal expense, you can purchase accents that accentuate your bedroom.  From a sleek bench with a storage feature for your spare linens, to a modern vanity set, you can add beautiful décor that's also functional. If you have room to spare, use a fabric accent chair by your bed to complete the look.


October 30, 2017 — Olivia Banach
Top 7 Interior Designers In The Greater Toronto Area

Top 7 Interior Designers In The Greater Toronto Area

Are you planning a home renovation, want to update a tired looking room, or simply have a passion for home décor? Check out our pick of the top 7 interior designers in the GTA, that are sure to give you plenty of inspiration and embolden your design choices.

Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors + Design

Elizabeth Metcalfe has an eye for elegance and creativity in her luxury interior design projects. Her work has been featured in ElleDecor and Dering Hall as she continues to exceed her client's expectations.

Vanessa Francis Design

Based out of Milton, Ontario, Vanessa works collaboratively to create spaces that are both welcoming and unique. She is not afraid to mix styles and textures to create her classic yet ambient, unrestrained yet refined overall design effect.

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Laura Stein Interiors

Laura Stein Interiors is a grandiose Toronto based award winning firm that creates interiors for lavish homes. The firm is recognized for it’s posh, exclusive, top quality design and embellishments.

Regina Sturrock

Sturrock serves the Burlington, Oakville and Greater Toronto Area with exquisitely classic and uniquely beautiful interior designs. She prides herself on her ability to work with your tastes and ideas to customize a design that suits the needs of your space. 

DVIRA Interiors

DVIRA interiors has a niche in both residential and commercial interior design. They have built a reputation on achieving fresh, functional, vibrant interior designs catered to your timeframe and budget.

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Tomas Pearce

This firm offers a complete range of interior design services in a variety of diverse styles. Whether you are renovating your winter chalet, family home or office suite, Tomas Pearce executes with polished elegance each time.

October 16, 2017 — Olivia Banach
5 Reasons Why Online Furniture Retailers Give The Best Value

5 Reasons Why Online Furniture Retailers Give The Best Value

For so long, buying furniture online seemed like a farfetched concept. From expensive shipping costs and slow delivery times to poor customer service, the uncertainties were endless. Finally, online Toronto retailers have found the solution. They are putting the customer first and providing the best possible service so that you can shop furniture online stress-free. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose online Toronto furniture retailers: 

Lightning Fast & FREE Shipping

The speed of delivery with Toronto furniture retailers is unprecedented. In as little as 24 hours, customers in Southern Ontario or even Montreal and surrounding areas can have their bed frame delivered and ready for tomorrow’s sleep. The best part is they'll ship to your door for free!

 5 Reasons Why Online Toronto Furniture Retailers Give The Best Value

Friendly Customer Service

If they don’t treat you with 100% respect and honesty, they aren’t worth your time or money. Thankfully, Toronto online retailers have put the customer first. With a number of different options for getting in touch with the retailer, response times are pretty much instant for pre- and post-purchase service.

5 Reasons Why Online Toronto Furniture Retailers Give The Best Value

It's Just Convenient

With fast shipping and friendly service, why not buy online? Much like with online shopping in general, there was a time where furnishing your home meant making trips to countless furniture stores only to leave empty handed from most. Now you can buy all your furniture from home and with the ease of just a few clicks of your mouse. 

5 Reasons Why Online Toronto Furniture Retailers Give The Best Value

More Variety

Why spend hours in crowded retail stores with limited selection when you have the variety of the internet at your disposal. The benefit of ordering furniture online is the variety that’s offered. A retail store only has so much square footage to showcase their products, while there is no limit to the options available online. Also, it’s far more organized online. Just click on the menu and go from there.

5 Reasons Why Online Toronto Furniture Retailers Give The Best Value


Better Value for Your Money

The benefit of ordering online is that you can compare prices and value within seconds. Current trends also show a rise in "online only" promotions. Some retailers also give you the option to shop now and pay later with easy instalments

5 Reasons Why Online Toronto Furniture Retailers Give The Best Value

Online Toronto retailers are taking the furniture industry by storm. Their unparalleled quality and value will have you redecorating your entire house from the bedroom to the kitchen. So, if you're in the market for furniture, order today and get your furniture as soon as tomorrow.

Why Not Start Today? Revitalize your home now

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8 Steps To A Better Kitchen

8 Steps To A Better Kitchen

If you are reading this, then it means you are probably bored with the look of your old kitchen and want to give it a facelift or complete overhaul. Either way, here are eight tips for a better kitchen:

1. Ensure your kitchen's functionality and know your numbers

While there is no perfect size or shape for a kitchen, the goal of any good kitchen is functionality. Keeping a work triangle in mind is key as your kitchen layout will determine how efficient you can be when preparing your meals. If you're renovating, furnishing or designing a new kitchen for yourself or a client, these illustrations by Arther Mount are very useful guides for getting your numbers right!

2. It's all in the detail

Here comes the fun part. Most of the look and feel of your kitchen will come from the carpentry work and detail. It is absolutely crucial that your countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, hardware and flooring all paint a cohesive picture. Your materials and finishes, whether natural or engineered products, should reflect your personality and work well for you. Some products while beautiful require a bit more care and maintenance but they are definitely worth the extra attention.

Working with a carpenter is a long and costly process. Make sure you meet with at least three to four companies before settling on one (they should provide you with a free estimate). It is vital that the team is able to see your vision for your kitchen at a price that makes sense for you. Do your homework by visiting their social media pages and websites to get an idea of what kind of work they are capable of. The best way to find good carpenters is through word of mouth. If you like your friends' kitchens, make sure you ask them for a referral!

3. What's the story with appliances?

A friend once asked me for a hand with renovating the kitchen of her new home she had recently moved into. The first question she asked me is what she should prioritize in the makeover. I instantly pointed out the eye-sore that were the appliances the old home had come with. Old appliances (and I mean old), more often than not, make your kitchen look obsolete and out-of-style. So when you're budgeting for your new kitchen, make sure you account for a new set of appliances.

Here's what to consider when shopping for appliances. Your first instinct may be to pick the shiny dishwasher and fridge. However, I would recommend that you resist this urge and consider purchasing appliances that can be hidden with the same exterior as your cabinetry with custom panelling. The below example by is a perfect example.


4. De-clutter x De-stress

A common mistake that's made is underestimating how much storage space their kitchen really needs. From small appliances to plates and cutlery, pots and pans, glasses and mugs, herbs and spices, and a lot more, storage demands can be quite overwhelming. Oftentimes, a lot of these items end up consuming precious space on countertops that are supposed to be for preparing your meals. If you're working with a small space or have simply filled up your drawers and cupboards, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. There are many products out there to solve this problem. Consider using pan racks in cabinets, roll out drawers in corners, spice drawers and one of our favourites, the kitchen cart, as it provides ample storage with mobility. Remember, there are many ways to get creative and get more use out of your kitchen's existing storage capabilities as well!

5. Find a seat

Now that you've mastered how to declutter and make space for cooking your food, it's time to discuss where you're going to eat it. There are two main options that you can choose from (or pick both) depending on how much space you have. Option 1 is to purchase a kitchen or pub table set where you and your family or friends can gather for breakfast. The second option is to add a set of bar stools to your existing kitchen counter or island. This solution is perfect for small spaces as it hardly takes up any additional space.

Candace and Basil | 5 piece pub table set

6. Light 'em up

Keep in mind that once your kitchen is all ready to go, you're going to want to show it off. This requires the right lighting. If this means keeping your blinds open and adding a couple extra pendant lights over your kitchen island, then do it. There's also the safety aspect since there are hot, sharp or even dangerous objects in the kitchen. Hence, proper lighting is extremely important. It's best to have your lights in front of you and onto the workspace rather than behind you casting a shadow. For instance, you will want a pot light directly above your sink and inside of the hood above your stove. Lights are also a great way of decorating your kitchen. Below is a great example by Depot Kitchen.

7. Stay in your budget

Renovating is not a cheap task and it is definitely not a job done in bits. It is a total commitment. That's why it's important to research different products and services to get the best value out of your budget. See what type of countertops, cupboards, appliances and labour you can afford. If you're working with a small budget, the best way to make the most out of it is to look for great deals and sales online. A secondary option often seems to be to do-it-yourself, however, it's best to use a professional if you are inexperienced and/or uncomfortable taking the risk.

8. Some useful life hacks

Pinterest is a great tool for discovering new incredibly useful life hacks. Be on the lookout for these if you're trying to make your life a whole lot easier in the kitchen. Below are three unique examples I found with a quick Google search!

I hope these eight tips come in handy when you're working on your kitchen. Please feel free to leave comments below and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new products and blog posts! 

October 10, 2017 — Gaurav Nijhawan
Top 5 ways to make the most out of a small space

Top 5 ways to make the most out of a small space

I understand that living in a small condo can sometimes be difficult. So, I've decided to put together this list to try and make my readers' lives a little easier and their homes a little more spacious. Give it a read and feel free to share your thoughts!

1. De-clutter where you can

The fastest way to make a small space feel smaller is to leave clutter in crucial areas. If you have shoes obstructing your main entrance or magazines and cookbooks littering your tabletops, you may want to consider a better way to keep your place better organized and clutter-free. 

Make better use of your closet space by using closet organizers, such as shoe racks and coat hooks. Items like these will not only make much better use out of your closet space, it will make you more likely to use your closet instead of your entryway floor. If you don’t have the closet space, consider using coat racks, shoe cabinets or other organizers by your main door.

Furniture that comes with storage compartments, such as storage ottomans and benches, can be an absolute life-saver. Conveniently hide and stow your belongings in these compartments to give your place a neater look. 

2. Use compact furniture

Your furniture can probably lose some weight. When you’re working with a small living space, you must have compact furniture. For instance, A large sectional sofa may not be suitable for your place, instead, try a love seat or even a pair of accent chairs. 

If you’re often doing your work from home and don’t have the space for a big bulky home office desk and chair, try a compact home office set or an expandable office desk. Or you can get creative and pair an accent chair with a console table for the ultimate space-saving work station. 

3. Make more out of less

If you have little room for a kitchen or dining table, consider putting a table against a wall for more space. This may turn a 4 chair table into a 3, but it will do wonders for your kitchen space. A better option may be to consider purchasing expandable kitchen tables that can expand and contract with ease.

Do you often have guests crashing on your living room couch? Try using a sofa bed to make their stay a little more comfortable without sacrificing more space in your living room. You can also make better use of spare rooms, such as dens and home offices, by having them dual as a guest room with the use of a sofa bed and compact office furniture.

If you have absolutely no space for a kitchen table but you do have an island, a set of barstools will give you just what you need. This way you can eat your breakfast on your existing countertop without sacrificing precious kitchen space. 

4. Rearrange

Keep all pathways clear for better traffic flow. You don’t want yourself or your guests bumping into walls and chairs on their way to your living room. Strategically determine the optimal placements of large items. It may help to draw a map of your place to find the best arrangement of your furniture (we’d recommend that you try this before moving around heavy items).

Tip: In your living room, it would be ideal to keep both your media unit and sofa against opposite walls to create more unobstructed space. 

5. Give the illusion of space

Once you’ve opened some more physical space, it’s time to make some adjustments to give your place the illusion of more space. For instance, by hanging large floor-length mirrors in your living space you will be able to add more depth making the room appear as though it is much larger.

By opening your blinds, not only do you add another dimension (the outdoors) to your home but you also allow a lot more light into your place. Since the lack of light often makes a room feel a lot smaller than it actually its, allow as much natural light into your place as you can. To really make the most out of light, use light colours on your walls and floors (off-white rugs, and wall paint will often do the trick). 

September 06, 2016 — Gaurav Nijhawan